Five Ways to Get Your Company in the Media without Buying Ad Space

By Eric B. Delisle July 8, 2014 General No comments yet

Any publicity is good publicity, as the saying goes, and getting your company into the news always comes with some great perks. But this isn’t always easy. Media houses are in business to broadcast news, not help your business get more publicity. If you want them to help you do this, you’ll need to pony up some ad dollars to buy some ad space. But this does not have to be the case. With some smart moves and nifty publicity stunts, you can get your company, products or employees featured on the news and this will inevitably lead to some publicity for your company. Here I share with you a number of ways you can get the media to cover your business without having to pay any advertising fees.

Industry Events

Your business obviously belongs to one industry or another and this is a goldmine when it comes to free publicity. Get active in your industry and really rally other businesses in the area belonging to the same industry to come up with news-worthy activities and events. Because media houses love news-based stories, this is a great way to have them cover your business without necessarily seeming as if you are publicity hungry.

Studies and Reports

Again, this is a great way to grab the attention of some media houses. Put together a small budget, set up some questionnaires and go hunting for opinions and answers to your questions. People always have opinions and other people always love to hear what everyone else has to say. For instance, if you run a mid-sized restaurant chain, you could decide to find out what people think of portions and serving sizes. This is information that is both useful to your business and interesting to the public. After finishing the study, fire off a press release to all media houses and provide them with a press kit on the study. You’ll be bound to get some takers.

Thought Leadership

Experts always have a place at the news desk. If you can carve out a niche for your business as an expert in a particular field, you’ll find you have media houses and reporters calling to find out your opinion on this or that matter. It’s a win-win situation especially if your business is in the B2C category and benefits highly from publicity. It’s even better in the B2B sector because businesses tend to trust other businesses that have a solid and verifiable reputations.

Trade Events and Conferences

Again, this tracks back to coming out strongly as an avid participant in your industry. The media loves trade events and tend to cover the companies that make the biggest impression at these events. Even if it means sponsoring the event in one way or another, trade events carry a lot of potential for free publicity.

Contribute Material to Media Publications

This is tied closely to thought leadership although with a more outward perspective. Find out which publications are most relevant to your industry and start contributing editorial content on a regular basis. Many people tend to read these publications and this translates into free publicity. You may also contribute to more general blogs such as and where the audience is more generalist than industry specific. These websites have massive readerships, which means landing an editorial piece translates into publicity and media visibility worth tens of thousands of dollars.

There are many more ways you can get free publicity such as publishing press releases, writing white papers and so on. All these are free although they do need a time commitment and some resource allocation. 

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