How to Use LinkedIn to Recruit the Best Talent in the Market

By Eric B. Delisle August 11, 2016 General No comments yet

LinkedIn is one of those social media platforms that have a certain gravitas to it that you feel a bit intimidated when you log in. It’s not the sort of place you’ll post idle stuff like, “What a game that was!” because somehow it seems that’s just too trivial for LinkedIn. It’s a mature and serious platform, so you must behave the same.

Well, when it comes to recruiting, this is a good thing. LinkedIn is the world’s largest network of professionals and right there in that network lies your next stellar hire. If you’ve gone through the hiring process, you know it’s a painful and arduous task. You put up the job position and you get a flood of responses. Trying to figure out who is qualified and who isn’t is the next headache. Let’s not even get started on the actual interviewing process. This is one way of recruiting.

Another way that could save you a lot of time and effort is headhunting on LinkedIn. It’s the perfect recruitment ground. Everyone has listed their professional credentials, they have a really good mug shot (not the one they were at the beach in 2010) and they are primed for recruitment. So here are some pointers on how to go about this the right way:

Don’t send/ post group messages!

It may seem easy to just do an email blast to all the potential candidates in your area but this is a big no-no. One thing people on LinkedIn and LinkedIn themselves hate is spam. Because that is spam. If you cannot address the people you are reaching out to on a one-on-one basis, then cease and desist.

Do your due diligence before making a move

Read through the person’s profile thoroughly. Check out what groups they belong to, what posts they read and like, their comments, updates, the whole nine yards. Do this for some time to gauge their activity frequency. Next check out their network. Who are they connected to and in what way. Do you have a common connection with them whom you can approach in case you want to take things one step forward? All this information will arm you with a firm foundation on what this person is about.

Reach out, but gently

The obvious part to start is to request to connect with this person. Be sure that your profile is also complete because they will also check you out. Once you connect, explain to them what you are up to and then let them know you want to find out more about them if they don’t mind. This will then shape up into a quasi-interview, which will happen either via phone or messaging on LinkedIn/email.

Call them in for a formal interview

You’ll probably have to rinse and repeat this process a couple of times before you find the right-seeming candidate. This is the one you call in for a chat. This time have a few other directors/ managers on hand to participate in the interview.

With this process you’ll have saved the time you would have spent sifting through dozens of applications, advertising and re-advertising and so on. It’s a simple process and one that has handed many a company the perfect recruit for their position. This will probably be the case with you if you choose to use this recruitment method. 

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