Our ICLOAK Kickstarter Application has Been Approved and We’ll Be Throwing a Party to Launch It!

By Eric B. Delisle June 16, 2014 General No comments yet

These are exciting times at the DTI HQ and we are thrilled to share the great news with you. We submitted our Kickstarter campaign application about two weeks ago and we’ve just been informed our application has been approved and can go live when we are ready! With this clean bill of health for our campaign we are now tidying up some loose ends before taking the campaign live.

It’s been a whirlwind of activities over the last two months as we launched our private Alpha ICLOAK device. We’ve shipped quite a number of units to our testers and they’ve loved it. We’ve gotten both positive and constructive feedback that’s helped us improve the product and squash some bugs that we hadn’t caught ourselves. But by and large, we’ve had some great interactions with our testers and we are so excited to take ICLOAK to the next step, our Kickstarter campaign.

We figured the best way to really speed up the time it takes us to take the product to market would be to ask our future customers to rally around this project that is really about protecting their online freedoms. We will be launching the campaign officially in the next few days and guess what, we’ll be throwing a party to celebrate it! And yes, you are invited.

Yes, we’re lining up a party with some free goodies for all interested in ICLOAK and the protection of online freedoms right here in Orlando. We’ll be putting up details of this right here on our blog and on social media pretty soon so be sure to check back here often. Plan to come support our campaign, tweet about it, follow our live coverage of the event on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and don’t forget to tell your friends about it too! Hope to see you then.

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