7 reasons why you’d LOVE working at DigiThinkIT

You get to rub shoulders with (and learn from) people who’ve worked with Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, MTV and more!

You get to contribute to Open-Source Software development. Viva La FOSS!

You get to work on bleeding-edge technology. This is stuff that most people haven’t figured out yet. It’s the unknown unknowns.

Work is play. You’ll probably get your leg pulled once-in-awhile, but would you rather have it any other way?

We’re very pro-remote. You’ll work with people from all over the world!

Because of how all-over-the-world our team is, you can work at any time that works for you. You’ll have a lot of control over when you start your day!

Our ideas are more progressive than most, even esoteric at times. Name one other company that makes free software to help people go anonymous and start a legal cannabis business.

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