ICLOAK®: Portable Online Anonymity

ICLOAK® is a portable online anonymity tool that helps you turn any computer you use into a secure and trustworthy machine. Featuring extensive browsing and productivity tools all built into an easily portable USB stik, ICLOAK® has all you need to work anonymously and securely even on compromised computers.

We built ICLOAK® to counter all the known and unknown threats to the feedoms and rights of Internet users across the US and around the world. ICLOAK® is our way of saying we believe Internet users should have the right to freely participate online without having to reveal their identities or have their personal data compromised.

The new versions of ICLOAK® are being under active development constantly. To find out more about ICLOAK® and our cause to preserve online anonymity, head over to the official ICLOAK® website.

ICLOAK official website