Time to get with the program and go digital in your business processes? Well, smart move, only thing is, how do you go about it? As a Digital Strategy Solution provider DigiThinkIT specializes in creating just the digital strategies your company needs. So how do we do it?


We identify opportunities and/or challenges in your business where digital assets can provide a solution; (digital assets include software, websites, mobile apps, digital advertising, etc.)

Digital strategy involves a 360 degree analysis of your business and the evaluation of what sort of impact digital strategies would have on your overall business. Many competitors will say it’s about web presence, we say it’s about business sense. It’s not just about throwing a website out there and calling that digital strategy, it’s about understanding business needs.


We match unmet needs and goals of your potential and existing customers that most closely align with those key business opportunities and/or challenges isolated in Step 1 above

Real business benefit comes when the needs of a focus group closely align with a business solution. Creating a digital strategy has to have the overarching effect of reaching your customers in way that was not previously possible. Some call it ROI and others business sense, we call it common sense because it only makes sense to reach your customers at their point of need.


Through an iterative process, we develop a vision around how online assets will fulfill those business and customer needs, goals, opportunities and challenges

This is where the magic happens because its all about interpretive acumen, something we just happen to specialize in. With the numerous technologies and approaches out there, it’s easy to get caught up in measuring technologies rather than in developing a vision that will deliver what you really need, more business, less costs and more efficiency. We work with you to discover this vision and bring it into being.


We percolate and prioritize a set of online initiatives which can deliver on this vision

Notice we use the term initiatives rather than technologies. This is because we believe technologies in themselves can achieve nothing, it is how they are organized, implemented and tracked that creates the value they can deliver. By not focusing on technology, we are able to remain nimble and efficient in our selection of technologies and application towards your business needs. The final outcome from these four steps is a lean and iterative process that delivers business centric results to your business. No legacy technologies, no over-complicated mumbo jumbo that makes it hard for you to be fully involved every step of the way, and most importantly, no wastage or compromise in terms of resource allocation and project outcomes.